Jean Francois Dean

Synths / Programming / Backing vocals

Nicolas Delbarre

Vocals / Synths / Programming

1983 : At the time,two zitty and alledgedly innocent teenagers had sweet dreams that were made of this : they discovered the joys of captivating classes in the same loony bin,a school where they rubbed shoulders with an odd bunch of people who were already highly representative of the world they lived in : geeks,sluts,chavs ,highbrows…

Jean François and Nicolas combined a taste for teasing and messing around with a strong fascination for electronic music and technologies of that era,when Pacman ate his first vocoder…

Nick and Jeff have always been as thick as thieves since,even if life played its parting role,about 1000 miles sometimes separated them with a line drawn  between Essex England and Lumio,Corsica.The muster point and semi permanent stopover being in Lille,Northern France.

The first manoeuvres started in 1986 around a Juno 106 at tea time with a band called Mr Collins.

Then Jeff played with a band called The Vegetable men and later in 1987 with a group named Intégrité Absolue.

From 1989 to 1992 Nicolas played with a band called A Place Apart and played live in many clubs,venues and parties.

In 1993 Nick played with Frenetic Convulsions which later became Process On .Jeff joined the band on keyboard a few months later.

In 1999 Nicolas had a solo project called Concept of Xeno and self released an album called Linearity.

After a hectic decade the lads got together again in 2006 and started writing new tracks while revisiting old ones too.Neutral Lies saw the light of day in a small attic studio.

In March and April 2009 Neutral Lies recorded 11 tracks in Studio Ka. Shortly after they sent their demos to a couple of electronic labels and clinched a deal with French electro pop label BOREDOMproduct.

Their debut album A Deceptive Calm came out in July 2010 and was critically acclaimed by the international music press.In 2011/2012 the band embarked on a series of live dates to promote their first album.

The second album Cryptex was released in May 2013 and is a real synthesis of their influences and builds a unique sound,a combination of pure electronic pop,EBM and techno.Cryptex took Neutral Lies to new sonic heights and was praised by many magazines and webzines.

NEUTRAL LIES have remixed and been remixed by many prestigious electronic artists/DJs such as :

SA42,Commuter,Pankow,K.Bereit,ADN Ckrystall and many others.The band regularly appears on V/A compilations (see discography).

The group is now back to studio,composing new tracks for a third album.

Keep an eye out for more up to date info.